Thursday, November 20, 2008

Inbox Dollars and Send Earnings

Check these sites out for legitimate ways to make some cash. It's slow going, but can be a lot of fun. Refer friends once you join to earn more cash or points. Be sure to create a separate email account to track your sites. Create folders for each site within your email account for accounting purposes. I recommend Yahoo! If you are not sure about a site, Google it to find out more info. Listen to your gut and don't sign up for anything you are not sure about. Read the fine print if there is any. Again, these are the ones that I found are legit and have earned some cash and/or points in. Please keep in mind that you often cannot cash out until you reach $30-$100.

Inbox Dollars: Earn an immediate $5 for signing up!

Send Earnings: Earn an immediate $5 for signing up!

Start with these two. You will get emails A LOT. You get paid to do surveys, read emails, shop, refer friends, play games, etc.

I will post more sites very soon! Check these out!

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